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$49.99 Sewer Service offer Preventative Maintenance Contracts for customers with recurring main sewer problem or income
properties for greater savings.
Customer get exceptional value from this contract as they get both main sewer lines i.e Main Sewer Line OUT to city and Main
Sewer Trunk Line IN (house waste line) to the back of house electrically cleaned for $49.99 compared to the regular price of
$99.98 (for 2 lines).  This contract helps in the prevention of main sewer back-ups and flooded basements. Preventative contracts
never expire as far as you maintain them and customer get scheduled reminders when contract cleaning of main sewer is due.
(1).        Toilet lead bend that ties into the 4'' stack line
(2).        4’’ stack Line where most waste lines drain into
(3).        4’’ clean out from where mechanic get the access to snake the line
(4).        4’’ waste line which takes all waste from house to the main sewer trap
(5).        4’’ house trap is a U shape pipe that traps heavy solid waste
(6).        4’’ main sewer line that converts into 6’’ sewer line. It ties into city sewer
(7).        2’’ kitchen stack line for kitchen sink and washing machine drain
(8).        4’’ fresh air vent pipe to separate all sewer gases
(9).        2’’ clean out to provide access for mechanic to snake the line.
(10).      Roots penetrate main sewer line and cause back-up / clog. It could cost a lot of money to replace the pipe.
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